The parent who is participating in the classroom for the day acts as an assistant to the teacher. Please discuss your responsibilities with the teacher when you arrive on the morning of your assignment.

If you have ideas for projects or activities, please share them the teacher. Our teachers are always open to new ideas.

As the parent helper, it will be your responsibility to:

  • Arrive on time (9:00am)

  • Assist in welcoming children to classroom

  • Play with children during choice time (help them find activities, talk with them, role play, play at their level - on floor/at tables)

  • Encourage independent cleanup, assist them in locating correct shelves/bins

  • Sit with children at circle time, help them attend

  • Wash children’s and your own hands prior to snack, after bathroom use, and whenever soiled

  • Supply a healthy snack and assist in set up/clean up of snack

  • Assist in setup/clean up of projects

  • Help children dress for outdoor play, supervise playground time

  • It is mandatory that parent helpers remain on playground until excused by teacher, at that point parent may begin clean up inside

    After Children Dismiss

  • “Reset” toys/materials

  • Wash reusable snack cups, place on drying rack by sink

  • Wash any messy materials in sink area and set to dry

  • Wipe down tables and chairs with cleaning product of your choice

  • Sweep floors and spot clean soiled areas (vacuum/mop as needed)

  • Sanitize bathroom (toilet, floor, diaper changing area, door handles)

  • Remove garbage bag, replace bag every day (from hall closet)

  • Empty compost to outside bin, if used

  • Please wait until after children dismiss to do all classroom cleanup. Be where the children are!