The parent who is participating in the classroom for the day acts as an assistant to the teacher. Please discuss your responsibilities with the teacher when you arrive on the morning of your assignment.

If you have ideas for projects or activities, please share them the teacher. Our teachers are always open to new ideas.

As the parent assistant, it will be your responsibility to:

  • Arrive 5 minutes before the class begins, or 8:45am. This allows for a smooth transition for the children and gives the teacher time to discuss and plan the morning’s activities with you.

  • Greet the children with a smile and help them get established with an activity at the beginning of class.

  • Assist children with art projects as needed. This will include helping children put on smocks, writing their names on their artwork and washing their hands. Encourage children to do as much for themselves as they can.

  • Aid the teacher with general supervision. Encourage children who are not constructively involved to find an activity.

  • Make the teacher aware of any misbehavior or conflicts that arise between children. Encourage children to work out disagreements on their own. Please defer to the teacher’s judgment with regard to discipline. It is school policy that the teacher will handle any disciplinary actions necessary in accordance to his/her contract.

  • Encourage all children to help pick up and put away toys and games.

  • Provide the snack and drink for the day. Please do your best to make sure the snack is nutritious. Limit sweets unless there is a special occasion such as a birthday celebration. The drink should be plain milk, water or 100% juice.

  • Help the teacher maintain a sanitary classroom by following basic rules of hygiene. This includes cleaning the table before snack is served with disinfectant spray, washing your own hands before snack is served or after assisting with or using the bathroom, and helping children wash their own hands before snack and after using the bathroom. Please note that teachers are responsible for changing soiled diapers. Please supervise the classroom while the teacher attends to the student.

  • Help the children dress for the outdoors.

  • Supervise the children on the playground along with the teacher. Help distribute sign out sheet. Please remain on the playground until every parent or guardian from your class has arrived.

  • Clean the classroom at the end of the school day. This includes sweeping the floor, cleaning the tables, washing items in the sink, straightening the bathroom area and putting away stray toys. Anything swept off the floor must go in me garbage (i.e. sand does not go back in the sandbox). Before leaving please check with the teacher to see if any additional help is needed.

  • Please note your personal health before entering the school. If you were ill the night before, are ill that day or are showing signs of becoming ill, please refrain from coming to school. A call to another parent to switch days is appropriate. Or, call the teacher so they might find another parent that morning. Any contagious disease is unacceptable.

  • It is the school’s policy not to allow siblings of students to be in the classroom during school time when the parent is the Parent Helper. Exceptions can be made in dire emergencies, however, it is preferred that all parents make child care arrangements for siblings while me parent is tending to this school responsibility. This allows for the parent to be focused on the students in the classroom and keeps continuity for the children