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Unless a field trip is scheduled, a typical school day for your child may include:

Free Choice of Activities

These include easel painting, play dough, texture/sand table, blocks, house comer, books, puzzles and board games.

Circle Time

The children meet as a group with their teacher to talk about the day’s activities. Circle time may include music, rhythm, dramatic activities, games or stories.


Children are encouraged to do the project, yet they are not forced to join the others at the project table. The project may involve artwork or food preparation.

Clean Up

All children are asked to help pick up and put away toys and games.


Children wash their hands at the sink and help pass out cups and napkins for a healthy snack and drink.

Special Classes

During the winter special classes are offered in music, gymnastics and karate.

Gross Motor Play

Weather permitting, children spend a portion of each day outside on the playground. If the weather is bad other activities are held downstairs.

Story Time/Show and Tell (older classes)